Flying drones near Birmingham Airport.

James Bastable

James Bastable

Content Creator at Bastable LTD

Operating drones professionally can be dangerous and at times we’re required to work in complex airspace contacting airports and aerodromes for flight safety.

Most often these include Birmingham, Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Liverpool and many of the RAF bases scattered throughout the UK. 

Quick answers to the common questions we get asked by our clients;

  1. Is it possible to fly near an airport? With permission, yes.
  2. Do we need permission from an airport? Depending on the proximity to the airport and height above the ground were oporating.
  3. How high can we go near to Birmingham airport? Depends on how close we are to the airport.

As commercial drone operators with authorisation from the CAA, almost all of our clients requests are possible with the correct preparation and permissions. 

Unfortunately we cannot simply just take to the skies in controlled airspace, instead we communicate with air traffic control and the airport managers working in collaboration with the airport ensuring our work is legal and safe for manned aircraft. At all times working to the CAA requirements. 

The process starts with calculating how far we are away from the airport, identifying the nearest airports, airfields or military sites. Communication is made when working within 10 miles of an airport. This distance is measured in a direct line, using google earth from our clients site to the airfields perimeter.

The next step is calculating our area of operation, usually up-to a radius of 500m from our clients site.

Once we’ve gathered this information, we contact the relevant authorities and request our work for a specific date, time, duration and altitude.

Restriction vary depending on location, using air charts and airspace maps to determine the controlled airspace were in. Our intentions are clearly communicated to ATC.

It’s a smooth process with enough planning before each flight. Most airports require us to put our requests in 7-10 days before work begins. 

If you have a project near Birmingham airport, or any other airport and would like to discuss aerial photography, contact us here.