Drone Roof Inspection Birmingham

James Bastable

James Bastable

Content Creator at Bastable LTD

This week we’ve been working with a returning client delivering a detailed roof inspection for a surveyor in Birmingham. This post is a preview of the completed project, if you would like to see more roof inspection work like this, or examples please get in touch.

For this larger project we delivered 150 images, a combination of wides and closeups. Also 30 minutes of 4K video throughout the roof space as per the clients requirements.

This project was completed over a full day onsite, delivered within 2 working days and allowed the surveying company and roofing contractor to appropriately quote this project from the comfort of their offices.

This roof survey took place using our specific roof inspection equipment, remotely piloted aircraft with a live view monitor on the ground for our client. 

As the condition and stability of the roof was unknown all roofing contractors that were approached insisted on a drone roof inspection.

Importantly for our client we’re independent. Therefore not tied to any surveying or roofing businesses.

Giving our client the data and understanding of the damage to their roof area before gathering quotes.

We deliver drone roof inspections for commercial and residential properties, to get started get in touch here. 

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