East Midlands Airport – Drone SUA Controlled Areas

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James Bastable

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East Midlands Controlled Airspace Map 

If your project falls within this map, we’re required to contact East Midlands Airport. Contact & the following approval should be made with ATC 48 hours before any flights are due to go ahead. 

We’re flying more regularly in controlled airspace. Derby and Nottingham projects are often Near East Midlands Airport, thankfully East Midlands have a process which is easy for us to complete, enabling us to capture aerial photography and videography for our clients. 

Castle Donnington has large nearby business park, many owned by our clients. Often we fly our aircraft within this controlled airspace for property and land marketing.

It’s important to follow the drone code at all times. Furthermore this map below shows the controlled airspace around East Midlands Airport with an easy to follow key. 

You can open this map in a separate window with this link. 

We have direct contact with East Midlands Airport, therefore if you require aerial photography in this area get in touch with us here.