How to book an aerial photographer

James Bastable

James Bastable

Content Creator at Bastable LTD

  • Step 1. Know exactly what & where you want the photographs taken.

Let’s start with the basics, we have clients every day contact us for new projects without knowing the exact location.

How do I get the exact location of land or property?

The easiest way to do this is via Google Maps.

Open Google Maps, find your location.

Right click on the exact location

Click the longitude and longitude numbers to copy to clipboard

Paste them into the search bar , or send to us via email for each location.

Why is this needed? – For each project a risk assessment needs to take place. For us to complete this risk assessment we need to know the exact location our work will take place.


  • Step 2. Consider the deliverables.

Consider the finished product and how it will be delivered. Some key questions we ask our clients;

Multiple angles?

Different altitudes?

Variety of distances? 

Are there any key landmarks you would like in the images? Such as motorway junctions or nearby towns.

Do you require full resolution images for printed materials or are these for social media? 

Above are just some examples, these will vary from project to project and depending on your end usage of our work some maybe more appropriate than others. 

We can help you before a project begins, with our expertise we will be happy to guide you.


  • Step 3. Weather & Deadlines
Weather will make or break a project, we prefer to only shoot in the best conditions possible for our clients. 
This sometimes due to deadlines isn’t always possible. 
It’s best to book projects in advance, giving consideration for weather and have an alternative date available should it be required. 
If the project is rained off, we don’t charge to rearrange the project. 


We use UAV Forecast giving us great accuracy from multiple weather sources. 


  • Step 4. Does your project have a timescale?
When does your project start and end? 
Many of our clients have construction projects over many years, we will want to capture the development from start to finish, therefore it’s important to book aerial photography before groundworks start onsite to ensure nothing is missed at the start. 


  • Step 5. Check CAA authorisation and insurances.

Before allowing any aerial photographer onsite it’s important to check for the right documents. 

CAA Approval – Operational Authorisation, you will want to see this before allowing works. This ensures the pilot is competent in operating remotely piloted aircraft and they understand the risks associated with doing so.

Complient Insurance EC785/2004 – A special category of insurance specifically for drone work. The operator must have this, ask to see proof of insurance. The most common insurer in the UK is Coverdrone


  • Step 6. Book online.

Now you have all the information above it’s important to get photography booked. To book a project with us get in touch here.