Pole photography Birmingham City Centre

Picture of James Bastable

James Bastable

Content Creator at Bastable LTD

Sometimes we get asked to fly big drones down busy high streets.. but sometimes that’s not always needed to get the shot for our client.

A fantastic alternative to drone usage is a 7m mast. We’ve been shooting elevated pole images for our clients in city centres for the past 4 years and now regularly offer this service to our clients in Birmingham.

Q: Can you fly a drone in a city centre? 

A: Yes, but it’s complex. Depending on your shot requirements & considering safety to public and property, it maybe easier to reduce risk when working on high streets by using a portable 7m mast to achieve similar photographic results.

We advise our clients pole photography using a mast maybe easier, safer a take less time to produce. Our pole photography can be completed as a 1 person operation we simply require a calm sunny day for best results!  

Heres a photo of me with our DSLR rig onto of the 7m mast with some examples of our creations around Paradise Birmingham. (click on the images to load full screen)